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My art work and of course of fan art. :]
I'm tired. But still kicking. School is a pain. 
I want to let you guys know a few things.
I've been working with my godfather in a upcoming gallery show for "Day of the Dead" so I've been drawing and painting like crazy. Or at least trying. Cause of this I'll be busy for awhile so don't expect new drawings every now and then. Maybe doodles cause I am working on another set of digital drawings right now.

Commissions will open around the end of October when I'm finished with some classes. Click image for more info! 

Sadly this is the same case for the Long Lost and Ragged Muffin QuartetI'm so sorry but the comics will be once again push back to late October. I'll do my best to show previews for you guys! 

In other lighter news, I would like to feature some work from other artists in this journal so it's not so empty and filled with bad news. I've see so many cool things that others had made with Tf2Avatar and I wanted to share them with you! :D

A writer named shadow74236915 is writing a fanfic of TF2Avatar for practice! Here is the Link Please leave some positive reviews! Feedback is appreciated! It is also on tumblr! :D

Another writer, AngelWarriorQueen wrote a short story for TF2Avatar as well! This story was inspired by one of my drawings, featuring Medic and Pyro! (the others as well)

White NoiseAs he regained consciousness, in the slow hangover-y way near asphyxiation will do to a body, Medic noticed two things of major importance.
One: it was silent. No throaty bear-chuckle from Heavy, no bickering between Demo and the insane firebender. Not even the usual laughably pathetic flirtations of “Avatar” Scout in his attempts to woo Miss Pauling.
Even after living the metropolis that was the Northern Water Tribe, Medic was used to living surrounded by sound. Wherever he was waking up now was unnervingly quiet. It took something special to make the master waterbender uneasy.
Two: Medic could smell a very familiar scent. Faint but distinct, coppery, slightly rotten from sitting too long in open air but intoxicating in its familiarity.  
Something was bleeding.
Medic could only hope it wasn't himself that was the one bleeding. His luck when it came to avoiding injuries wasn't all sunshine and Dove-moths since hooking up with the latest incarnation of T

A few drawings from:
Kethavel             xXunovianXx    Cheza3 
Untitled by Kethavel   TF2/Avatar - Pyro by xXunovianXx     Avatar:Team Fortress page 2 by Cheza3

BeardedDoomGuy made the Pyro Avatar mask model! COOL!!!
[DL] fire bender pyro by BeardedDoomGuy

daesdemona made these lovely SFM Tf2Avatar versions. It's amazing!
The images are also on her tumblr! 

medic waterbending by daesdemona Heavy Earthbender by daesdemona Pyro firebending by daesdemona Scout airbending by daesdemona

And lastly!
THIS VIDEO. It's not based on TF2Avatar but it brings the possibilities of the animating in SFM. If anything this makes me want to try out SFM one day. One day....

Damn you DisfiguredStick
Because of your amazing drawing this happen. Thank you for that. 

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MadJesters1 Janet F.
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I'm MadJesters1/JF
I draw because its fun.
Thank you have a nice day. :]

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Keep calm and invade internet (tribute to MadJ) by Theavengercoat TF2 - The Doctor Is In by Stamps-By-Mephie
nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotMotivation Stamp by In-The-Machine
.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoArt Block Stamp by KhrinxMY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn

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