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RomApo-JesterNote#1-A moment of Peace by MadJesters1 RomApo-JesterNote#1-A moment of Peace by MadJesters1
Jester note #1

My group is recently taking refuge for the night. It has been a weird day, maybe more tiring then weird. Or both, I am too exhausted to think. The man with the mug, or I think he is a man; called Captain assigns these random missions that doesn’t seem to help us survive at all. Sniper, or Snippy, often argues with the Captain but still does the mission in the end. This other man with green goggles named Pilot ALWAYS side with the Captain leaving poor Snippy alone.
I feel bad for Snippy, but I am more concern about Pilot. I wonder what Captain say or did to Pilot that made him worship Captain as if he is like god. I ask Pilot about this, but all he said was stuff about Captain saving him from a flying cow and freeing him from a blue tiara. So yeah no answer there, but maybe it’s not all random nonsense, I learn that certain things have bigger meanings just like art and books, there are a lot of symbolisms in them. Maybe I should study this more if I am going to choose Pilot, got nothing else to do. Captain took my pen away as punishment because I refuse to draw him. I was standing a few feet from the campsite, Captain was talking about his straw incident story again with Pilot laying flat on the ground, with his hands under his chin and swinging his feet back and forth like a child paying close attention to the Captain. Snippy wasn’t with them, he was assign guard duty for the night. Like every other night.

I left Captain and Pilot and walk to Snippy. He didn’t respond. He was sitting down, his gun by his side, staring out the empty dead wasteland with such an angry thoughtful look from his face. I cough. He turns his head to look at me. For while we just stare at each other in silence. He broke the silence.

Sniper: Is there something you want?
Jester: Um…maybe… can I talk to you?
Sniper: …. Sure.

I sat next to him and try to form my words.
Jester: I am curious about Pilot, why does he worship Captain?

Sniper: I don’t know and I don’t care.

Jester: But aren’t you a little bit cur-

Sniper: No. *Angrily* Well maybe before but Pilot won’t tell me, and I know Captain won’t tell me because all he does is spouting nonsense and then getting me to do something stupid AND dangerous that will cost me my life.

Okay, clearing Snippy is holding a lot of anger in, maybe I shouldn’t talk to him. I haven’t gotten to know Snippy much since I became part of this group. We didn’t really start off well in such a… well… a lovely friendly relationship. I was hiding underneath a bridge and drawing like every other day when he spotted me. I still remember that day.
I was drawing till I heard the sound of feet and the sounds of angry mumbling. I peek out of my hiding spot and saw Snippy talking to himself, something about unicorns, and lame birthdays. I slip out of hiding spot to get a better look but I made some noise. He stiffens and pointed his gun at my direction. I panic and without thought I shouted:


Snippy lower his gun in shock. He narrows his eyebrows, or his goggles that shape like eyebrows, at me. I stand completely still, scare for my life. He spoke.

Sniper: Would you like to join our group? My… um… Captain is looking for new minions. Plus I am sure you don’t want to be alone out here.

True I don’t want to be alone, but I don’t trust this man. When I didn’t say anything he step closer and I step backwards away from him. He started to talk cheerfully.

Sniper: Come on, don’t be intimidated by me, I am nice! So is… my team! I am sure you will love to have some company.

I started to shake my head, no, and walk backwards away from him. He continued to walk towards me, his movements seem to show he is desperate, I don’t know why.

Sniper: Please you have to come with me; you have no idea what my Captain is going to do with me if I don’t come back with something! Shit! I shouldn’t have said that…. I’M NICE! REALLY!

I ran from him but he chase out after me. To make the story short he corner me like an animal, rope me up and carry me off, I struggle and kick but he wouldn’t budge. He seems too really want to bring me to a man name Captain. Who is he? Is he mean? Will he hurt me?! WHY ME!?! HOW COULD I HAVE FAIL TO ESCAPE?! DX But turns out, the Captain is crazy. As Captain glee happily at me, Sniper mumble he was sorry and he didn’t want to hunt for a unicorn. [link]
Sniper interrupted my thoughts.
Sniper: Why do you care about Pilot?

That caught me off guard. Jester: Um… no reason! I was just curious.
We stay silent.

Jester: How long have you been with those two?
Sniper: Too long. I just want to get up and leave them.
Jester: Then why haven’t you?
Sniper: Isn’t that answer obvious? Being in a group increase your chances of surviving then being alone.
Jester: Yes that is true, but I have survived alone before. Do you have a personal reason why you haven’t left?
Sniper: …. I don’t want to be alone.
Jester: …..

Sniper grips his pants, and I wonder what his life was before the apocalyptic. He looks so exhausted, so sick of everything, almost like he wants to give up and die right there. Yet he doesn’t.

Jester: Do you want to know why I didn’t want to go with you when you first met me?

Sniper: You got scare?
Jester: Well you were a bit intimidated, plus I lost my favorite stick.

Sniper: Hey I have no choice! Captain may throw his tea water at me if I come back empty handed.

I laugh. Jester: I didn’t know you were so scared of tea.

Snippy pointed an angry finger at me. Sniper: That’s not funny! We have no first aid kit so I have to be careful to not get burn! Beside Captain trade the last kit to some dead skeleton for his flute!

I laugh again. Snippy look annoyed and went back to staring at the city.

Jester: Okay whatever, but the reason I didn’t want to go with you is that maybe you and your team will somehow kill me or give me reasons to not to live anymore.

Snippy sharply turn his head at me. He looked shock, and when he didn’t say anything I continued.

Jester: As you can see I have been alone for some time, and well I learn to stay strong out there alone. I got my reasons to stay alive. But I seen um… other survivors around here, but I never approached them. They seem so strict and so… lost. Like whatever they did things didn’t seem to brighten them up, their Captain was crazy and very random all the time. It’s like they couldn’t trust each other. So I figure if I am alone, I could survive. No one will tell me what to do and no one will hurt my….feelings…

Snippy was quiet. I hung my head starching my hand.

Jester: I know that is stupid but I don’t like strangers a lot.
Sniper: You could have given me chance.
Jester: I did, and like I said you were a bit intimidate.
Sniper: I am sorry but I did what I had to do. So being alone out there… what do you think all the time?

I look up in the clouded sky.
Jester: Well… I didn’t think much. Mostly I draw, or running from the mutant creatures or counting each rock I could find, or lining up random objects in a straight line. But when I do think I look at the sky. I daydream about the future.

We stay silent for a moment, then Snippy look at the sky with me.
Sniper: I don’t believe you.
Jester: What? >:/
Sniper: Someone that lonely will go crazy for some company.
Jester: Well I was too scared to approach you guys.

Sniper: WAIT! Have you been stalking us? Are we the “survivors” you were talking before?! D:<
I rub my head. Jester: …. Um….maybe..?
Snippy shake his head. Sniper: *Sigh*

We both look at the sky, not saying anything for awhile. The night sky was actually pleasant for once.

Sniper: I day dream whatever if I’ll be somewhere better.

I was quiet but then realized Snippy just shared something personal with me in return! I sit up cheerfully,

Jester: Well… my mother always says “Think positive and positive things will happen!” So don’t give up Snippy! You will find your happy place! I’ll help you if you wish! Then we can all live there together and raise chickens! :D

Snippy just laugh. I smile. This was lovely, better then talking to Jerry the skeleton. Pilot was my first choice of becoming best friends with, but Snippy is WAY better! Those “How to books for dummies” really help! :D I completed the first step! Find a connection between you and person of choice! YES! Snippy will forever be my friend! I couldn’t believe he thought that my story of “why I was scare of him.” was true! The only reason I never approach their group is because they are all crazy. XD Maybe I judge them too quickly.
--------------- The End?

Something I thought of, I am trying to figure out this oc. What do you guys think? Jester is looking for a friend and Snippy is the perfect one. So Jester will do everything he can to be great friends! Yay! :D
BKG was a photo, I fix up. Not sure who it is....

MORE JESTERS NOTES! Just click the links :]

JN#2-A Cast For Snippy:[link]

Apocalyptic (c)Alexiuss [link]
Art/Oc(c)Madjesters 2012
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I liked this story. And your character, too) I think Sniper is really the most suitable candidate for friendship))) At least because of the all team he is still the most ... normal?x)
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Awesome background story! I like it and I think it brings out Jester's personality. ^^ I really do think Snippy would be better to have as a friend. Zee Captain is crazy and Pilot..... he would probably turn Jester into a Captain worshiper and create a cult. XD
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