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February 1, 2013
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RomApo-JesterNote#6 El Scarf by MadJesters1 RomApo-JesterNote#6 El Scarf by MadJesters1
JesterNote#6 El Scarf

Finally, I was done with scavenging for today; maybe for once I can get some peace and quiet and have a quick nap. As I walked past the broken door to our base I saw Pilot crouched down, his back facing me. I would have continued walking if I didn’t realize that Pilot was grabbing something from Jester who was sound asleep.

“What are you doing?!” I nearly shouted at him. Pilot jumped in surprise and quickly got on his feet. In his hands was Jester’s scarf that she always wears.

“Why do you have her scarf?” I said a little louder.

“Nothing!” Pilot quickly said and hid the scarf behind his back.
“You do know how angry Jester gets when someone touches her scarf right?”

“That is why I get it when the hat is asleep.”
“What? Why do you even want her scarf in the first place?”

“Captain’s glorious neck needs more cloth! The hat doesn’t need this scarf around her ugly neck.”

I close my eyes and rub my head. Of course Pilot would do something like this regardless if the person he is stealing from is a girl.

“Pilot I am not in the mood to fight with you. Just put back the scarf.”


I glared at him. “Pilot. Give Jester… her scarf…back.”

“NO!” Pilot made a mad dash to the door. I caught up with him quickly and grabbed the other end of Jester’s scarf and immediately, we both beginning tugging on the scarf.

“LET GO YOU STUPID SHOE!!” Pilot shouts.


None of them noticed Engie walking in. He was grumbling silently but upon seeing the tug of war Snippy and Pilot were having he stop and stared at the scene.

“LET GO!!” I shouted.
“FOR CAPTAIN!” Pilot shouts back.

As Pilot and Snippy continued their pointless tugging of the scarf, only Engie noticed a small humming noise.
“What the-?” Engie looked around to find the source of the humming noise. His ears eventually found the source, the scarf. “Huh?”

Small sparkles were coming from Jester’s scarf every time Pilot and Snippy pulled on the scarf.

“Um…guys..” Enige spoke.
“Pilot! Give the scarf back!!”
“SHOE!!!” >X0
“WHAT?!” We both shouted.

Enige’s shoulders hunch and back away from us. “You’re…floating…”

“What are you…BWAH!!!” My head hits the ceiling. “What the-?!”

This was impossible, this makes no sense. How is this happening?! Somehow, some way, Pilot and I were floating, I think were more than ten feet from the ground.

“How in the world-?” Engie quietly said looking up at us.

“I’M FLYING!!!” Pilot shouted in glee. I watch him wide eye as he let go of Jester’s scarf. Pilot pushed himself from the wall and flew to the other side of the room with arms wide open, sort of like a plane. “WEEEEEE-! OW!!” Pilot’s head hits the opposite wall. I look at Jester’s scarf in my hands. I let go of it and watch it floating away from me, small sparkles were coming from it.

“This makes no sense…how is this-“

Then out of nowhere I felt gravity come back and Pilot and I fell hard on the floor.
“Ow! My back!” I shouted.
“Aw…” Pilot mumbles.

I looked at Jester, she was fully awake and alert. Her scarf was on her head but she didn't seemed to have noticed.
“Wow, what time is it?” Jester yawned and stretched.

Engie shoulder’s were still hunched, Pilot was upside down and leaning against the flipped table and I was next to her, I was still trying to understand what just happened only seconds ago.

“Um…” I said.

“Ah never mind, I’m going to go draw or something.” Jester noticed the scarf. “Geez, it never matters how well I wrap this scarf it always find a way off of my neck when I sleep.”

Jester got up and wrapped her scarf around her neck as she walked past Engie and Pilot and out of the door.
The room was quiet, well expect for Pilot’s mumbling.

Engie turned his head towards me and spoke. “What just happen?”

I look at the door way where Jester walked out. "I wish I knew..."


To be Continued..?

It has been awhile since I wrote another jester note. I wasn't planning to but I drew this out of random on my Zen(tablet) and

this idea came out. Not sure if I am going to continued this but I have this idea for Jester and maybe her face will be relvealed soon.

Also please note I wrote this really quick so I think there are still some errors I haven't fixed yet. :P

Well anyway enjoy and have a nice day. :D


JN#6-Hope is a Warm…

Romantically Apocalyptic (c)Alexiuss
Art/Oc(c)Madjesters 2013
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hey umm youtube got rid of your video (I think) so can you post it on devientart because im sure lots of people myself included would like to see it
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When youtube update I lost my old account and all of my videos. I did re-upload all of the RAS videos once more. I fix the link. thanks for telling me and I'm glad you enjoy these videos. :3
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Lesson learned: Never steal from anyone, or you'll start floating.
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I use "Snippy" when I am being silly and "Sniper" when I am being serious.
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